About Our Business
Our studio develops a strong community of people who work towards helping our society to become
healthy and happy.  We are a full service Pilates studio where we offer the highest quality of training.
We cater to the needs of our clientele including specialized techniques in Pre/Post Natal.

Our Philosophy at ABC Pilates
ABC Pilates is passionate about helping people seek healthier lives and believe in a supportive
community of wellness. We strive to achieve the highest standard of Pilates and maintain the integrity
of our work through continuing education and study. We help our clients stay fit, strong and healthy for

What is Pilates
Joseph Pilates created a program of exercises and equipment that was intended to restore the body to
optimal health and fitness. Through the use of a variety of equipment and spring tension, Pilates will
help to strengthen the total body, increase stamina and create lean muscle mass. It corrects posture,
reduces injuries and improves daily activities. For athletes, Pilates helps to condition the body so that
they can achieve the highest level of athletic performance. So Get Connected - Discover Pilates - Be
Fit, Strong and Healthy for Life!

What We Offer
ABC Pilates offers some of the most innovative and diverse equipment in Orange County, which
provides our clients with classes that are multi faceted, challenging and fun! Our instructors bring to the
studio a wealth of knowledge and are certified by nationally recognized programs. Our classes include
privates, semi-private, group, specialty and mat sessions.

ABC Pilates offers specially designed Pre/Post Natal Programs
Using special techniques for the pregnant woman, Pilates will stabilize areas as well as strengthen, tone
and maintain flexibility. Pilates will also help gain control of muscles used in delivery. After pregnancy,
Pilates helps the body quickly get back into shape and re-strengthen the areas affected by pregnancy
and delivery.

ABC Pilates Teacher Training Program and Pre/Post Natal Training
The ABC Pilates Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive lecture, work-study, apprenticeship, and
teaching program intended to provide trainees with the knowledge and experience needed to teach
Pilates at any level.

The Center for Women’s Fitness Pre-Post Natal Specialist Program is a unique and comprehensive
certification program that provides certified Pilates instructors with the knowledge to teach pregnant
clients from their first trimester through labor. In addition, Pilates Instructors will learn how to rebuild
the client’s post partum body’s strength from the inside out.
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written by Amy Cady

Beginning a Pilates Class
How to Choose the Right One
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